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The coming Automation Revolution could destroy significantly more jobs than were lost through the Great Depression and Great Recession combined. Some estimates have projected that as many as 50% of current American jobs will be lost through the transition to robot, algorithms or other forms of automation. Such a displacement of workers would dwarf the jobs lost in the Great Depression and Great Recession.

San Francisco Supervisor Jane Kim is spearheading a new statewide effort to help prepare California for the Automation Revolution. She’s started the Jobs of the Future Fund to provide a forum for labor leaders, businesses, non-profit and civic organizations to focus on solutions that will not just provide the resources to retrain displaced workers, but allow us to make investments in industries that will support good-paying jobs that cannot be automated away.

The Jobs of the Future Fund is an education and outreach program to build support for a common-sense idea – as workers are displaced, the companies continue to pay a portion of the lost tax into a fund that can then be used for education, retraining and targeted investments in new industries. This modest tax will help smooth the transition for our workers, providing them with better opportunities.

We want to hear from you.

We want to hear your thoughts on what California can do to make sure the Automation Revolution doesn’t leave our middle class behind. We will be holding events all over California – sign up today to get the latest news and find out about upcoming events in your area.

It will take all of us to prepare – please join now.

Jane Kim

Jane Kim